Potential swastika tattoo costs singer gig

An opera singer has experienced a major case of tattoo regret, according to this article from The Globe and Mail. Russian singer Evgeny Nikitin was �fired� by the Bayreuth Wagner Opera Festival because of a swastika tattoo that he no longer has (or possibly ever had.)

Photo from Uptempo Magazine

Original reports said that Nikitin had backed out of the show just four days before the festival was due to open. Recent reports have surfaced, including the article from The Globe, saying Nikitin was actually fired by the festival�s organizers because of his potential Nazi tat.

Up for debate here is whether or not the singer ever actually had the tat. Nikitin was defiant last week when he said that he never even had a swastika tattoo, but that the outline of it was actually a work in progress. Nikitin now has an unrelated design over the mystery swastika.

Now, a brief history lesson: Apparently Bayreuth was Hitler�s favorite opera festival and he frequented it often before World War II. Bayreuth has all but obliterated its past association with the Nazi party, which was probably a reason for the festival�s panic over Nikitin�s rumored tat.

This is odd news and shows that even a tattoo you didn�t have can hurt your future. What do you think? Is an almost tattoo reason to be fired? Let us know in the comments!



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