Practicing Safe Sun

Finally, after much anticipation, the warm summer months are here. With the season comes shorts, bikinis, and golden tans everywhere you look. Whether it’s sunbathing, a tanning booth or self-tanner, many seek that sun-kissed look, despite the cost. Before heading poolside, consider the damage you may be doing to your skin.

The greatest concerns regarding the sun are those pesky UVB and UVA rays. UVB rays tend to burn skin, while UVA rays are primarily responsible for wrinkles, sunspots and premature aging. These concerns, combined with the risks of skin cancer, are enough to make anyone think twice, especially those with tattoos, and those hoping to have their tattoo removed.

The more sun exposure your tattoo receives, the quicker it becomes dull and less vibrant than the original colors you started with. For those undergoing, or preparing, for laser tattoo removal treatment, the consequences could be far worse. Pigmentary changes may occur after laser tattoo removal treatments due to melanin absorption, and sunlight exposure may cause even more noticeable lightening or darkening of the skin, as well as skin irritation.

The lesson? Although a glowing tan may seem tempting now, it is important to take preventative measures. Self-tanning lotions can be a safe solution; and a protective sunscreen is a must. Sunscreen should be a requirement for everyone (tattooed or not) and a SPF between 30 and 50 is ideal. Consumer Reports recently conducted a study on top performing sunscreens, and with so many choices, you are bound to find the best fit for your skin type.

If you haven’t been practicing safe skin in the sun, the first step is to consult your dermatologist for a skin cancer screening. If you are interested in reversing damage caused by the sun, or want to remove a dull tattoo, contact Delete Tattoo Removal & Laser Salon at (602) 343-6355 or visit



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