Enhance and replenish the nutrients your body needs with our customized vitamin infusions.


Try one of our six new, customized Nutrient Infusions formulated with  vital vitamins and minerals that help boost, enhance and replenish the nutrients  your body needs. What a fabulous gift for yourself or a loved one!

Delete’s Six Customized Nutrient Infusions:

Feeling sluggish and need a boost of energy? This infusion is loaded with B vitamins to put that pep back in your step.

Help burn fat faster and naturally with vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12 that can help you keep moving forward with weight loss goals.

Stress can take its toll on your body. Boost your immunities with extra vitamin C and B vitamins to help fight germs, bugs and sickness.

One too many and feeling rundown? Replenish with a generous infusion of magnesium, calcium, selenium and zinc. Try our most popular infusion; you will feel the difference!

Help your skin and hair become more radiant and strengthen your nails with a boost of trace minerals, magnesium and calcium.

Elevate your performance and support your workouts. This go-to infusion includes B vitamins to help replenish your body.

The Health Benefits of Nutrient Infusions:

  • Boost your immune system to fight germs and bugs
  • Enhance your energy level
  • Prevent a cold from coming on or shorten one you already have
  • Replenish your body’s nutrient supply

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