Proof before you ink

No one’s perfect. Everyone misspells, or mistypes now and again ? that’s why proofreading is so crucial. But in such an intensely digital age, people ranging from the highest echelon of executives in organizations to students in high school and through higher education systems on every level have become reliant on the ever-wonderful spell check.

Though we’re pretty confident that Bill Gates and his team at Microsoft built spell check into the earliest versions of MS Word (only to become a standard that we’re all spoiled by now) as yet another answer to becoming more efficient, we can’t help but think it’s made us all a little? careless.

Now, stepping outside of our word processing programs and away from our device of choice means we’re left to fend for our own when it comes to proofing habits and spell checking. We all know we should do it, but when it comes to matters of clear and inked skin ? proof reading is really no laughing matter.

All that being said, lately it seems that the latest trends in tattooing have more to do with getting inked quickly rather than taking the time to practice those tried and true best practices for proof reading.

So here for your viewing pleasure, we bring you ten classic tattoos that are sporting spelling errors. Check them out here.

delete tattoo 1 259x300

Are you sporting a misspelled tatt? Do you get to share in the joy of permanently botched spelling on one of your loved ones? Show us your pics or share your story in the comments below!

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