Putting His Best Foot Forward, Cole Eastman Takes A Leap Into The Future


At Delete, we love our patients! Their stories inspire us and are the reasons why providers Dr. Mundt, Dr. Chung, and Laser Hair Removal Tech, Desiree, love what they do! Our comfortable, safe, and affordable treatments allow our patients to have the results they’ve always dreamed of achieving.

Periodically, our patients will share their treatments and stories via the Delete Blog. This month we’re featuring guest blogger, Cole Eastman who is removing a tattoo with Dr. Mundt.

Patient Feature: Cole Eastman

Cole Eastman started his journey in laser tattoo removal earlier this year.

“It was a collection of bad decisions. I didn’t spend a lot of money on the tattoos originally, and it was not done professionally. Kind of a whim in my youth.”

Cole has two tattoos that he is currently working on at Delete. He has a shoulder tattoo that just finished lightening, so he can have a new ink coverup.. The other is on his forearm.
A couple of weeks ago, Cole’s tattoo artist gave the “O.K.”His old tattoo’s ink was light enough; she could put a new tattoo over the old..

The tattoo on his shoulder was originally two girls, that were then covered up by what he says are “alien looking fish.” He is now removing the fish in order to have a cover up he actually enjoys.

“I didn’t like the design and wanted to get it replaced, so I got another tattoo over it.”

Cole went to a tattoo artist and asked if he could cover up the tattoos on his shoulder. They said that unless he wanted the whole thing blacked out,.it would not be possible. u The artist recommended Delete – Tattoo Removal and Laser Salon for a few laser tattoo removal sessions before they started a new tattoo. Cole’s plan was to fade the tattoo as light as possible before taking the leap and getting more ink.

He says ”The artist I’m going to this time is much better, and I’m confident he’ll do a better job.

His family’s last name on his forearm is the second tattoo Cole is removing. As he’s aged over the years, Cole shared withDr. Mundt that tattoos he had done when at age 18 just aren’t popular anymore. Back then it felt cool, but now he says he receives comments such as,“Oh, you’ll never forget your last name!”
Cole says it was originally all about saving money on his tattoos. Now. he is focused on having good tattoos.

Cole says, “The price of [tattoo] removal has totally been worth it. Tattoo removal is a great back-up plan when you didn’t make the best decisions ahead of time.”

“Now I know that you want to make the best decision upfront. Saving money is not what you should be thinking about when it comes to getting a tattoo; that shouldn’t be the goal.”

Cole says he’s looking forward to finally having a nice, clean-looking tattoo. “I was embarrassed to take my shirt off before,” he said.

He said the biggest plus in coming to Delete was that he could actually see the results. “I saw another girl who had her tattoo removed here [at Delete]. I think that’s huge for you guys – the more you can show the progress, the more people will [know]that it will work.”


This article was written by Stephanie Holland



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