Reasons to Remove Tattoos

?I was drunk.?

?I was young.?

?I was in love.?

?I thought I would be a fan of Ace of Base forever.’ (Us too!)

The reasons people get tattoos run the gamut and (as you might guess) the reasons people choose to remove them also vary.

Among them are:

?I don’t want to be reminded of my drunkenness, circa 2001.?

?I am too old to have a cartoon character tattooed on my [insert body part here].?

?My new boyfriend doesn’t like my ex’s name in ink on my butt.?

?Ace of Base never turned out to be the musical prodigies I thought they’d be.’ (Samsies!)

While we help those in the Phoenix area delete their ink’d mistakes, the demand for tattoo removal is by no means limited to the Valley.

Recently, we came across an article in the Chicago Tribune and it echoed all the observations we’ve made here in Arizona! A tattoo removal clinic in Chicago, Hindsight Tattoo Removal, has joined our ranks by taking note of the range in demand for removing tattoos.

The clinic, housed underneath a tattoo parlor, often sees customers who are looking to erase a tattoo to make room for new ink, or simply to rid them of a now not-so-trendy tatt.

One of the clinic’s customers received the (glorious) gift of tattoo removal from her parents who were worried that their 23-year old daughter’s ink might be interfering with her job hunt.

What about you Deleters? What has or will motivate you to remove your ink? Drop us a note on Facebook and tell us!

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