Royally Ink’d

Last week we tweeted about Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and the new ‘addition? she got while on an eight day tour of Zanzibar.

While the tattoo was just a henna tattoo, the reactions were no less passionate than if the royal Duchess had gotten permanently ink’d.

In an interview, Camilla revealed how even nine days after she originally received the henna tattoo, she was still unable to remove it. The Duchess even had to attend a state banquet being hosted by the Queen with the fading, smudged henna still visible on her hand.

Can you imagine if she had gotten a real tattoo, spur of the moment?

Here’s to hoping Camilla’s able to get her henna off sooner rather than later. We know of a few ways to remove non-permanent henna ink. eHow recommends methods that include swimming and soaking inked skin in hot water. Perhaps Camilla could try a good scrub with a heavy duty loofa or going for a run to work up a good sweat?

Whatever her chosen method, we wish her the best of luck (of course)!

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