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Scar Remodeling & Stretch Mark Reduction

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Scar Remodeling and Stretch Mark Reduction in Phoenix & Chandler

Scars and Stretch Marks can be removed.

Scar tissue and stretch marks are the body’s natural response to tissue damage; everybody has them, even supermodels. Just because everyone has them does not mean that everyone wants to have their scar tissue or stretch marks on display. For many people, this can make them feel uncomfortable or self-conscious. While over the counter creams may claim to help reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks, most of them are not designed to penetrate the skin, which makes them an ineffective solution. Thankfully, there are other, effective options for those who are interested in stretch mark and scar reduction.

Delete Your Scars

Scars are permanent marks on the skin left behind after tissue damage. Anything that damages the skin has the potential to leave a scar. Typically discolored and indented because of collagen loss from intense inflammation or trauma, scars are typically caused by acne, skin irregularities, and wounds from surgery or injuries. Thankfully, there are three different treatments available at Delete that can reduce the appearance of scars with a series of 3-6 treatments combining the fractional Picoway Resolve Laser, Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) & advanced PCA Chemical Peels®. Your skin naturally heals itself every 45 days, so results can be seen within just a few weeks. One of the most exciting advantages of Delete’s treatment protocol is that dark and light skin types can be treated.

PicoWay Resolve laser treatments have been successfully used to dramatically increase collagen, even out pigment and reduce scars caused by acne, chickenpox, stretch marks, and skin conditions. CIT (microneedling) scar remodeling is another skin therapy treatment available that uses multiple microscopic needles to stimulate healthy dermal and epidermal growth by penetrating the surface layers of the skin. These treatments may be used in combination with PCA Chemical Peels to remodel and erase scars.  

Tackle Your Stretch Marks

Stretch marks often happen as result of pregnancy, rapid weight gain, and rapid weight loss. When the skin stretches too quickly, its elastic tissue is damaged. This is what causes the fine, white lines appearing in the affected area that are technically scars. Stretch mark reduction cannot be done with a cream or gel that you can buy at a pharmacy; they are by definition, permanent changes in the skin.

Since stretch marks are technically minor scars, the same treatments that can be used for scar remodeling apply to stretch mark reduction as well. Results do vary from one person to the next, and your chances for success rise with each treatment you receive. In general, you can expect your stretch marks to continue to diminish for up to a year after each treatment.

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At Delete – Tattoo Removal & Medical Salon, we are experts in scar remodeling and stretch mark reduction.  Since 2010, our patients have asked us to minimize and erase their scars and imperfections.   If you want to learn more about how to reduce the appearance of your own scars and stretch marks, contact our experts today.

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