See Ya Later, 2015!

Is your tattoo destined for tattoo removal in 2016? Tattoo fads are constantly changing, and at Delete we witness the eb-and-flow of popular designs.

2015 also brought a lot of changes to our little office – the addition of the PicoWay laser revolutionized tattoo removal for many people!

Let’s take a look all that’s happened over the past year:

Delete – Tattoo Removal and Laser Salon, was one of the first to offer Picoway laser treatments, the FDA’s latest approved technological advancement for laser tattoo removal.

I explained the difference in technology in this article I wrote for Zocalo Public Square, which was also featured in Smithsonian Magazine!

For those of you who want a TL;DR version of what the Picoway laser does, it breaks up ink more effectively and comfortably. This is because the laser pulses are 50% shorter, and instead of utilizing heat waves to break up your ink like other laser models, it uses sound waves, which have been found to be more effective. (pretty cool huh?).

The result: people need half as many treatments to remove a tattoo.

Don’t take my word for it – check out some of the before and after pictures from our own patients!

back1_20150907  picoway_heart_20150826

We have also added hair removal to our list of services! We use the GentleMAX Pro Laser System by Candela to effectively and aggressively treat the widest range of hair follicle diameter sizes and skin types. This laser has been voted the Best Hair Removal Laser for 2015.



In September 2015, our very own Dr. Mundt attended and spoke at an exclusive Syneron-Candela users meeting in Beverly Hills! Dr. Mundt shared her experience and expertise with using the Picoway, including patient results.


We are excited to move forward into 2016, continuing our mission to bring the most safe and effective treatments to our clients.

Are you ready to move on from your uncool tattoo?




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