Shaq Mans Up $1000 Ink Reward

Let’s face it ? we’ve all got a price. But of the list of things you’d do for $1000,  does ‘Have a smooch tattoo’d on your body? make the cut? How about if it’s between Shaquille O’Neal and referee Dick Bavetta?

Yep, things just got WEIRD! But if you’re among the few who aren’t scared by the idea, Shaq said he’d reward the act with a cool thousands bucks!

Let’s think about what an extra thousand green backs could get you:

  • 1,000 packs of gum
  • Some Christian Loubutin heels
  • A round trip ticket to Paris
  • A  couple kayaks
  • A new computer

Hmm.. tempting?! Well we’re not encouraging you to run out and do the deed, but if you’re craving an ‘easy? grand (along with some fast publicity), you might just be crazy enough to consider it! If you do, make sure you tweet at us to show off your new ink (and make sure you tweet the Shaq-Attack back too to collect your prize money!)



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