Should tattoos & piercings be accepted in the workplace?

It’s a topic that’s been hotly debated for years ? are certain tattoos and piercings acceptable to have at work? Some say that body art is not an indication of an employee’s performance, but it’s undeniable that a person’s physical appearance greatly influences those they work with.

Tattoos in the workplace

When a man walks into a boardroom to give a presentation, for example, would they be taken less seriously with a sleeve of tattoos down their arm? When a woman goes to an interview with a nose piercing, is she automatically seen as a less attractive candidate?

With the stiff competition in the job market today, it seems that the unemployed would be smart to minimize jewelry and body art. Still others are so attached to the meaning of their art that they refuse to change it because it’s such a valuable part of who they are.

On job applications, a note is made that informs the applicant of the company’s policy of equality or ‘equal opportunity employment? ? they will treat all applicants equally, regardless of skin color, age or religion. So, in a sense, rejecting someone based on his or her tattoos is discrimination. But employers aren’t willing to sacrifice business or customers because of one worker who sports tattoos that a conservative buyer may not agree with.

We want to hear your opinion: is there a limit to what tattoos and piercings should be accepted at work, or should they be banned completely?

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