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Sun, Age, and Pigmented Spot Removal

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Age Spot Removal, Sun Spot & Pigmented Lesion Removal in Phoenix & Chandler

Excessive sun exposure, age, and even genetics drive the appearance of pigmented spots on the hands, face, and body. At Delete – Tattoo Removal & Medical Salon, we are the experts in pigment removal in Phoenix by utilizing different Candela lasers – PicoWay and the GentleMax Pro to customize the removal of pigment based on budget, needs, and desired results. After your complimentary consultation, you choose the treatment regimen that works best for you.

About Our Lasers

PicoWay™, the revolutionary triple wavelength fractional modality will even out skin tone, remove unwanted pigment, as well as promote collagen production.

The GentleMax Pro produces an intense beam of light that destroys pigmented spots and sterilizes the targeted portions of the skin.

sun and age spot removal - Delete Tattoo Removal & Laser salon

What to Know Before Your First Laser Treatment

● Do not sunbathe or use a tanning bed
● Do not use a self-tanner
● Do not use depilatory creams on treatment area
● Do not take ibuprofen or aspirin one week prior to treatment to minimize any bruising

A Word About Aftercare and Post-Treatment

Areas treated by the laser(s) will be sensitive during the initial 7-10 day healing phase and must be treated with care. As a result, your body’s response to treatment can not be evaluated until after this initial healing phase is completed. After healing has completed, you will begin to see results. Typically, patients need only one or two treatments to completely reduce the appearance of pigmented lesions. Pigment caused by hormones or sun may reappear upon exposure.  The liberal use of sunscreen is highly recommended.

Complications of treatment with the Gentlemax Pro laser are very uncommon. Dark discoloration (hyperpigmentation) of the treated area is unlikely to occur and would fade over months; however, it is important to avoid sun exposure after treatment to minimize this risk.

It is important to follow instructions regarding aspirin and ibuprofen in order to avoid bruising. Laser light cannot penetrate deeper than the skin and will not harm internal organs, but goggles must be worn to protect the eyes. Some lesions may not be completely cleared after treatment, requiring more treatments at additional cost.


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