T.A.R.E. – Tattoo Abuse Resistance Education

“Hey kid�you want a free tattoo?�

�Sure mister! How about a Spongebob?�

�You got it! Hop into my van!�

Alright, Deleters. Let�s discuss what�s happening here. Not only do we have a man offering a child a tattoo, but the child accepts and is about to receive a tattoo in a van.

We hope that none of you have ever fallen victim to such a �compelling� offer, like receiving a free tattoo from anyone who operates out of anywhere/anything besides a clean, hygienic tattoo shop. To that point, however, we highly recommend you get checked out if you have � we wouldn�t want you getting an infection like the roommate in Bridesmaids, after all!

Lawmakers in Florida are working to decrease the amount of rogue tattoo artists working on inking the citizens of the panhandle state. Florida�s newest law will require artists to have and maintain professional certification in order to tattoo.

The law (so far) has been welcomed by established members of the tattoo community who don�t like what �scratchers� have done to their reputations as professionals.

Here�s to hoping these laws help to protect people from getting tattoos in unsavory places!

No van tattoos! ‘C�mon people! Use your noggins!



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