Tattoo artist has two-year waiting list

We all know that Americans are into their ink. Apparently, in Asian countries people take it pretty seriously too. One tattoo artist, the only known artist to be professionally trained in Chinese calligraphy, has a two-year waiting list for clients.

Joey Pang�s work is said to be exact in design and flawless in skill level, so much so that people would wait two years for one of her tats, according to this article by Aljazeera.

The article includes a video report on Pang and some examples of her work. What do you think? We figure, if you�re going to get Chinese calligraphy you want to make sure it�s right, so why not go through a trained Chinese calligraphist?

And hey, if you end up’regretting’your new ink you don’t have to wait two years to get it removed, we’ll help you today!



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