Tattoo Dares ? Real Life ‘Nard Dogs? Tattoo Regret

Everyone has pride. You want to do what you say you will, live up to your word. Well what if ? in the heat of the moment ? you promise to get a tattoo? Would you rise to the ‘challenge? and get ink’d?

That’s exactly what the loveable Andy Bernard did on a recent episode of NBC’s ‘The Office?.

Andy Bernard

After recently being named the new manager of the office, we’ve seen Andy try out a few different tactics to motivate his team. Unfortunately, in his own excitement in the middle of pushing his troops to get fired up, he promises to get a tattoo on his (we’ll call it) ‘rear end? if the staff is able to double their sales ? a tattoo of their choosing.

A perfect storm for comedy, clearly the goal he expected to take them weeks or months to meet, was achieved by the end of the day. Check out the full episode here to see what Andy ended up walking away with. 

Dares can be fun, no doubt, but we’re thinking that they should probably be kept to those that don’t involve needles and permanent ink.  Tattoo Regret is inevitable!

(Shameless plug: If, however, you do happen to have gotten yourself into a similar tattoo-remorse dilemma, we would be happy to help you take care of it.)



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