Tattoo Databases: The Scots Look to Try It Out

We’re in the tattoo removal business, but every once in a while we come across a story that we just have to share ? whether it’s removal-related or not.

Recently, we stumbled on an article with news from our Scottish friends across the Atlantic who are looking to add tattoos to the list of attributes they use to help identify victims after disasters.

The tattoos would be tracked and recorded in a central database for easy reference in perilous situations, and while the database is being touted for its ability to help I.D. people in emergency situations, researchers are also hoping to uncover patterns from tattoos that show up within certain regions and cultures.

With the central database, researchers expect to be able to pull information that would could speak volumes about social and cultural tattoo choices ? Things like where tattoos are more popular, whether certain patterns or symbols are more prevalent in certain areas and how those patterns may (or may not) affect other aspects of society.

What benefits do you think there could be from creating a database like this?

Have you noticed any tattoo trends that you think the researchers will confirm if they are able to gather the data?

To learn more about the project, have a read through the full article here.



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