Tattoo Remorse

Tattoo regret isn’t just exclusive to Americans, the Brits have their fair share as well. The fact of the matter is that we hear stories about tattoo regret coming from all corners of the world.

The BBC recently ran an article about tattoo remorse and received an overwhelming amount of responses from readers sharing their biggest tattoo regrets ? no surprise to us ? we know you’re out there!

Check out a few of the reader-submitted comments that cracked us up:

?I chose a unicorn and asked for it to be put on my backside. It hurt. There are an awful lot of nerve endings on your bottom. The tattooist cocked it up. I ended up with a unicorn with seven legs and a neck like a banana.?

?I regret my tattoo on my back. It says ‘call me?. It’s awful!?

Earlier this year we held a competition with the Phoenix New Times ? you may have heard about it. We set out looking for the ‘un-coolest? tattoo and there wasn’t any shortage of bad tatts!

Of course we never enjoy hearing people’s tattoo horror stories, but we’re always happy to hear the joy after we help those people rectify their regret.

Got an uncool tattoo of your own? Miss the competition? Share your stories here!



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