Tattoo Removal is Now Much Easier – Thanks to Modern Technology

Tattoo removal depends on a number of factors, including the size and color of the tattoo. Each tattoo is unique and typically require a number of treatments to be completely removed. Before removing the tattoo, your doctor will take a number of factors into consideration. 


Easy Tattoo Removal Factors


Tattoo Size

Smaller tattoo’s treatments take less time per session than larger tattoos.  Tattoos that span a large area may require a two separate laser removal sessions to treat the whole area. The cost per session is driven by the size of your tattoo and the amount of time your treatment will take to be delivered.

Skin Tone

If you have darker skin, the laser wavelength needs to be increased to protect the melanin (pigment) found in your skin. Meaning the removal process may take longer. It is easier for the laser to target ink in lighter skin tones.


The position of your tattoo plays a huge role in determining the number of laser tattoo removal treatments you will require. Permanent body art on areas with high circulation and lymph node counts (like the upper half of your body) removes the broken down ink particles more efficiently than areas which have less circulation and a lower lymph node count. For example, it is harder for your body to remove ink particles from your toe than almost any other body part. 

Tattoo Age

Typically, older tattoos or very new tattoos are easier to remove. As the time passes, the colors and ink of your tattoo will naturally fade – and may result in fewer removal treatments.

Ink Penetration

Deeper is more difficult to remove and should be targeted first. Amateur tattoo artists generally do not deposit the ink as deeply as professionals who use more and much richer ink. The density of the ink impacts the number of laser removal treatments.


Different colors of ink require different laser wavelengths and will add to the number of treatments needed to remove.  Most tattoo removal providers simply do not have the necessary technology to remove all colors found in tattoos.  Black – the most common ink color is easily targeted with the 1064 wavelength.  Red ink while easy to remove with a 532 wavelength has been known to cause an allergic reaction.  Green/Blue inks are targeted with the ruby or Alexandrite wavelengths.  Rule of thumb is “The lighter the color, the more difficult it is to remove.”  Yellow inks are tricky and White inks contain titanium dioxide which turns to black when treated with a laser.

Tattoo Removal

Before you begin tattoo removal, take these factors into consideration, so that you can obtain the most efficient and cost-effective way to erase your body art.

The right laser and treatment protocol will also determine the success of your tattoo removal process. Research has shown that the PicoWay Laser can help remove dark, multi-hued, intricate tattoos more efficiently, and can also erase tattoos that have proven difficult to remove.

In comparison to traditional laser technology, the PicoWay Laser:

  • Destroys black and multi-colored ink particles
  • Calls for less than half of the treatments required by traditional Q-switched lasers
  • Reduces side-effects typically found in laser tattoo removal

Tattoo removal treatments should be preceded by a consultation session. When warranted, ask for a test spot to ensure that your skin does not have any adverse reaction to the laser. Ask your doctor about injectable numbing to make your removal treatments more comfortable. Some tattoo removal clinics also offer topical solutions, but injectable numbing is preferred by most patients.

Delete — Tattoo Removal & Laser Salon

At Delete Tattoo Removal in Phoenix, we use the PicoWay Laser for removing tattoos. This revolutionary new technology has cut the number of treatments needed to make tattoo removal smooth and uncomplicated for many of our patients. Please schedule a consultation with us today to see how many treatments you would need to remove your unwanted ink.



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