Eyebrow Pigment Correction in Phoenix

Microblading and other permanent makeup techniques can be a valuable aesthetic service when done properly. This is not always the case, unfortunately, as many inexperienced providers are offering this service. Common complaints are uneven brows, poor shape, incorrect color, and misplaced pigment.  In some cases, these can be easily corrected. In others, it may be a bit more challenging. If you have suffered through an improper or botched microblading or permanent makeup experience, there are options. With superior PicoWay technology and expert physicians, Delete has successfully fixed hundreds of eyebrow and lip applications.

Timing of Corrective Procedure

If a technician has ruined your microblading procedure, it is natural to want it fixed immediately. It is not always possible to have the correction done right away. Your eyebrows need to heal from the first procedure. After approximately six weeks, it is easier to determine the extent of corrective work desired and after your dermis has healed. It is very important to avoid picking at any scabs or doing any activity that prevents healing or causes scarring.

While you are waiting, avoid anything that could alter the appearance of your skin. For example, sunburns make correction more difficult. Instead, avoid direct sunlight, wear plenty of sunscreen, and do not have Botox or filler treatments in the weeks leading up to your corrective procedure.

The Corrective Process

Permanent make-up mistakes are upsetting because your face is impacted.  This makes it doubly important that any correction does not create a bigger problem and re-micro-blading may actually worsen the problem.  Even worse is the risk created by inexperienced laser technicians that may create a scar.  The most common corrections are color issues and misshaped brows.  The doctor’s experience with the PicoWay laser can actually shape your brows with the laser, only taking off parts that are too thick or too long. Or, the doctor can remove the entire brow so you can start with a fresh surface to get your eyebrows put back on.

Not all permanent make-up colors can be removed with lasers, even Delete’s technologically advanced PicoWay.  During your complimentary consultation, Delete’s physicians will evaluate your depth and color and create a treatment plan to remove excess pigment.  Typically, a laser test spot will be offered to see how your ink responds.

As with any laser treatment, you should avoid anything that could thin your blood in the 48 hours before your session, including alcohol, caffeine, and certain medications such as Advil. Removal typically takes multiple laser treatments that are spread six to eight weeks apart.

Delete has compassionate and skilled individuals on staff who can correct and repair prior work. Reach out to their customer service staff by phone or visiting in person to learn more.


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