The fastest way to remove your tattoo

Delete – Tattoo Removal and Laser Salon is proud to be one of the first in the nation — and one of the only salons in Arizona — to offer PicoWay. The PicoWay laser is the FDA’s latest approved technological advancement for laser tattoo removal.

Using the PicoWay laser offered at Delete, our clients can cut their treatment time in half. PicoWay’s unique delivery of ultra-short picosecond pulses of energy to the tissues creates a photo-mechanical impact which breaks up the tattoo ink pigment into smaller, more easily eliminated particles without the heat of Q-Switched lasers.

Multi-colored tattoos, recalcitrant tattoos and benign pigmented lesions on any skin type can be removed.  Picoway, the innovative dual wavelength picosecond laser from Syneron Candela – the most trusted name in medical lasers – offers a number of benefits.

PicoWay laser benefits:

  • Dual Wavelengths – 1064 nm & 532 nm wavelengths to treat all skin types
  • Large Spot Sizes – reaches the deepest pigment and tattoo ink
  • Shortest Picosecond Pulses – less heat, fewer side effects, more ink cleared

Read our press release about the PicoWay Laser and why we were selected as one of the nation’s first providers.


The results; seeing is believing

Check out Delete’s before and after tattoo removal photos.

delete_photo_before and after_waist

About Delete:

Voted Best Tattoo Removal of Phoenix and opened in 2010, Delete — Tattoo Removal and Laser Salon incorporates the latest in state-of-the-art laser technology with a trained team of certified medical physicians, housed in a sleek, comfortable environment. Delete provides both men and women a safe, convenient and affordable solution for tattoo removal. Fixed price packages based on tattoo size and design complexity, payment plans and financing options are available.

To learn more about our salon, call (602)-343-6355 or email us at [email protected] or visit and @DeleteTattoo.


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