Tattoo turn-on or turn off?

Alright everyone ? here’s the sitch: You think you’re ready to get inked. You’ve chosen a design, a location, found an artist ? we bet you thought that was it, right? Ready to go! ‘but are you, really?

Woman with tattoos 200x300

Have you ever thought how that ink could affect your future love life (not to mention your career and everything else)?

If you’re looking to find a mate, you may want to think about how they might view your tattoo! Want to know how men really feel about tattoos? We found an article discussing exactly that!

Just as we suspected, the comments range across the board. Whether completely unconcerned, completely turned off, very judgmental or very excited, all the men questioned had one thing in common ‘theyall had an opinion. And a passionate one at that!

Click through this  slideshow and take a peek for yourself!

Our favorite picture / comment combo is of a woman with multiple face tattoos and with commentary from interviewee, ‘Charles? who said ‘if you have, like, 8 tattoos on your face then that just reflects that you are a person who makes bad decisions.?

So Guys ? What’s your take on female tattoos?! And even better yet ? girls ? what’s your take on inked up dudes?

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