Tattoos are a DIY craft you shouldn’t try

We’re all for trying out that new thing you saw on Pinterest the other day. Whether it’s a new cookie recipe, hand-stitched pillows for your new home, or your own bracelet design ? but there is one thing that clearly shouldn’t be on this list: a tattoo.

A recent disturbing trend at a Tempe tattoo shop is correcting botched and ugly do-it-yourself ink designs.  Mark Walters, who owns Living Canvas, says more people have started coming into his shop to cover up these little mistakes, know as stick-and-poke tattoos.


– This should be your tattoo mantra.

The method behind this most recent madness involves using a safety pin or other unsanitary needle and dipping it into any available ink, then pressing it into the skin until it makes the desired mark.

There’s even ‘hand-poke parties? now, where the guests pass around needles and tattoo themselves or others. If this sounds unsanitary, painful and downright sketchy, that’s because it is. Shockingly, this is a big trend among the younger crowd trying to save money.

No, you are not professionally trained in bracelet-making and you can do that just fine, but that doesn’t risk your health or your skin. Leave it to removal experts like us at Delete to erase your amateur mistakes!



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