Tattoos aren’t just for the young anymore

Think tattoos are only something young people do to rebel or stand out? Think again!

A surprising news story out of North Carolina has shed light on the latest group of tattoo lovers: senior citizens. Peggy Gentry is 65 but got her first tattoo at the ripe age of 62. To celebrate her most recent birthday on February 17th, she decided to ink her name onto her left foot.

Gentry says that at 65, she has experienced everything. She began her own bucket list after she saw the movie. Gentry is not alone in her newfound love for ink, though! Her friend Rocky Boutt is 74 and decided to get her second tattoo on the same day as Gentry.

Boutt chose to get a double infinity sign inked onto her right foot, and was inspired to follow the trend after she saw her grandson’s arm full of colorful artwork.

The owner of Gypsy Rose  – where Gentry and Boutt got their tattoos ? says that his very first client was a 65-year-old woman. The seniors say that they feel now was the time to get a tattoo, since they weren’t getting any younger.

What do you think of this surprising trend? Will these senior citizens come to regret their new ink?

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