Tattoos & Drinking: Risky Business!

Tattoos are commonplace and even a fashion trend ? whether you get them to express yourself, remember someone, or be artistic. But a recent study done in France and reported by shows that those who get a tattoo are more like to be involved in risky behavior.

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Sure, we’re only young once and we all want to have fun! After all, if you get a tattoo in the first place, chances are you’re easygoing about rebelling! But this study done in France was the first to find that there was more alcohol per liter of exhaled breath from those with tattoos and body piercings.

What is risky behavior? Sex without protection, theft, fighting, and alcohol consumption were among the behaviors listed in the study. Nicolas Gu�guen conducted the study, and examined 2,970 bar patrons on four different Saturday nights.

People who exited the bars were asked if they had tattoos or piercings and then were told to breathe into a breathalyzer. Overall, those who answered ‘yes? to the question had consumed more alcohol.

However, Gu�guen warned that just because a person has a tattoo or body piercing is no valid reason to label them. The youth examined in the study are already in a high-risk group just because of their age. But it doesn’t hurt to think twice before getting that tat!



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