Tattoos Getting In The Way Of Professional Athletes Jobs

A much anticipated time of the year for a lot of sports fanatics is the start of NFL football. Everyone is concerned with stocking their fantasy football teams, checking the stats, and following their favorite players. What probably goes unnoticed to most are the tattoos of those players. But this year, The National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) has strongly recommended that athletes with tattoos get copyright waivers from their artists. George Atallah, the NFLPA’s assistant executive director of external affairs made a statement on the matter, ‘All we are doing is proactively telling players, ‘Yes, we know you love your tattoo artists, but regardless of whether or not you trust them, regardless of whether or not there are legal merits to the lawsuits that we’ve seen, just protect yourself.

There have been a lot of high profile instances where tattoo artists have come to collect the benefits of their art.  S. Victor Whitmill, the artist responsible for Mike Tyson’s face tattoo tried suing Warner Brothers for the use of his design in The Hangover II. The artist ended up settling with Warner Brothers.

In addition many professional athletes have found themselves in similar situations. Portland artist Matthew Reed sued NBA player Rasheed Wallace, along with Nike. Nike had run an advertisement that included Reed’s tattoo art and all parties were able to settle before the case went to trail. This war of tattoos has certainly caught the attention of the NFLPA when a suit was filed against NFL running back Ricky Williams over a tattoo that appeared on an EA sports game cover.

(Game Cover of Ricky Williams and the tattoo in question).

The biggest dispute with tattoo copyright law, according to a Business Week article, is how much of an artist’s rights to copy, display, and distribute a work go with a customer once he leaves the tattoo parlor. In any case, it is clear that tattoos affect one’s job regardless of celebrity and professional status. For those that did not get a waiver prior to receiving their tattoo, no fear Delete Tattoo Removal is here to help! If you, or someone you know, have a tattoo that has affected getting a job, tattoo removal may be the way to land that job.

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