Tattoos & Penny Pinching Don’t Mix – By Jason Anthony

Tattoos & Penny Pinching Don’t Mix. – By Jason Anthony

I wish I could count the number of times I’ve heard “but it was really cheap” as I’m talking to someone about covering up a tattoo, or the “I was really young and my friend bought a tat-gun off the internet”. First off, never get a tattoo from someone that calls a tattoo machine a ‘gun’. Secondly, we’re getting to the point as a society that I think the repercussions of poor decision making (when it comes to getting tattooed) are becoming more and more prominent, and therefore should be easier to avoid. However, it seems like there is an endless line of people that are looking for that hook up or that tattoo that costs less than the shoes they are wearing.  jason-profile

I’m going to go ahead and say that if you’re wearing jeans that cost more than $100, but you’re turning your nose up at the idea of spending more than $1500 for a half sleeve, then your priorities might need a little tweaking. It’s this kind of mentality that puts you in the scenario of standing in a tattoo shop asking how much it’ll cost to cover up some piece of garbage that you let a friend of a friend who happened to have a little bit of gear and know that the pokey part goes into the skin. (On a side note, if this is your situation I think your first stop should be a doctors office to have some blood work done. Hopefully you didn’t pick up something that can’t be gotten rid of). You spent $30 on a tattoo that should have cost $100 and now you’re going to spend somewhere around $500 to get it to not look like an 8 year old drew it, or spend around that much or more to have it removed. Good job.

Every cover is different, but the general rule is, if you don’t want it to look like a cover up then you’re probably going to have to get something that’s about 3 times the size of what you’re trying to cover. If you don’t want a tattoo that big, then your other option is laser tattoo removal to lighten it. How’s that penny pinching working out for you now?

If you’re reading this and you kind of feel like an idiot, then hopefully you’ve learned something. I definitely have a few $30 tattoos on me that I’ll be getting reworked, removed, and covered up; and I’m not at all excited about having to tattoo somewhere that I’ve already had worked on (tattoos hurt). The point is, don’t be cheap with your tattoos. If you can’t afford what you want right now, then stack up your loot till you can get what you want. If you have to wait for the artist that you’ve been following for a while, then wait. You’ll be happier in the long run. If your tattoo absolutely must happen today and if you don’t get it today then you don’t get it, then maybe you don’t need that tattoo. Sure that takes a little bit of the spontaneity out of the adventure, but at least you won’t be standing in a tattoo shop lobby 2 months from now asking what we can do to fix it or even calling a tattoo removal shop the next day to have it removed. Just wait and be patient, you’ll be extremely happy that you did.




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