Tatum Davis of the Phoenix Suns Dancers Shares Her WhyiDelete Story

Tattoo Regret at the Ripe age of 18 ? By Tatum Summer Davis

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Hey everyone! My name is Tatum, I’m 18 years old, and a dancer for the Phoenix Suns. I’m young, and yet, depending on Delete – Tattoo Removal & Laser Salon already. I am a real example of why you’re supposed to wait until you’re 18 to get your first tattoo. Ha!

I was 15 when I got my first tattoo. I was in Newport for New Years and managed to snag my older sister’s ID. I got a simple crescent moon tattooed on my left forearm that I absolutely adored and still do. My second tattoo is the holy grail of tattoo horror stories. I was 15 years old and under the very silly impression that I was in love. Yes, you see where this is going! I had the word “Endlessly” sprawled out across my right hip for LIFE. It turns out that endlessly in fact does end but the ink in your skin still remains!

My third tattoo was a tribute to my mom. Her signature lays across my right arm, right above the crease where my elbow is. I was 16 and still in that “tattoos make me cool!” phase and adoring my ink. Don’t get me wrong; I adore my crescent moon and my mother’s signature; they are extremely meaningful tattoos to me.  And frankly, I still think tattoos make you cool! Haha! But my advice to my younger self and all of you readers: Try playing with hair color, makeup, or ANYTHING that isn’t permanently embedded in your skin. Contrary to my belief, your mind does change, especially between the very formative ages of 15 to 18.

At the age of 17, about to turn 18, I started putting a lot of thought into my future and began plans to try out for my dream job as a ‘Suns Dancer?! In my dream world, I would become a Suns Dancer and marry my dream man. Now that I really am a Suns Dancer, describe the imageall I see I in this dream is myself covering up my tattoos!  Tattoos can’t show on the court and nor do I want them to show in my future wedding photos, (I know, I’m such a girl)! Many of you may be asking why did I even get the tattoos in the first place then? The answer is simple; I was a teenager! Now, the thought of my future husband looking at my “Endlessly” tattoo mistake makes me cringe. So, I turned to Delete Tattoo Removal for help.

The first time I went to Delete, I was embarrassed. That barely 18, I need to have a laser used on my skin. Ugh! I can remember meeting Dr. Mundt for the first time and being blown away by her sweet and calming disposition. Delete was, and is completely free of judgment, and not to mention a safe and comfortable place to have my tattoos removed. The laser Delete uses is calibrated especially for my tattoos and the tattoo areas are even numbed before Dr. Mundt uses the laser! You really wouldn’t think that anyone in their right mind would look forward to their tattoo removal appointments, but I can honestly say I do.  The fact that the process is practically pain-free is an added bonus. Delete has truly been a life… and a dream saver!

Thanks for reading my first blog post with Delete, and check back for more every six weeks! I’ll be blogging about my tattoo removal experience and why iDelete after each appointment!



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