Teacher’s sexy mermaid tattoo gets her in trouble

Your ink print will give you away.

That’s the lesson a high school teacher in Brooklyn found out the hard way. Although they’re supposed to be the ones teaching us the lessons, this time there was quite the role reversal.


Tatted-up teacher

According to this Daily News article, the James Madison High School teacher is accused of having an affair with a 16-year-old student of hers. Investigators believe the boy’s testimony because he was able to describe tattoos on ‘intimate parts? of her body.

Erin Sayar is the disgraced teacher whose mermaid tat on her thigh area was one of the key pieces of ‘evidence,’ if you will. Tattoo artist Vincent Castiglia of Omega Tattoos in Manhattan was quoted in the article as saying that mermaid tattoos are usually associated with sirens, or a temptress.

Sayar will face charges of statutory rape for her actions. Also, she rated her own looks on a Long Island social networking site back in June 2009, saying that she thinks she is ‘extremely attractive.?

She went on to say, ‘I have been called everything from ‘very pretty? to ‘hot? to ‘beautiful? to ‘stunning.’ I used to have a slammin? body.?

Sayar seems to be more consumed with her looks than her teaching.



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