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Tattoo Removal Testimonials.

Our patients share their tattoo removal journeys.

Why iDelete shares the journeys of patients as they go through the process of removing their tattoo, and how it impacted their lives. You are invited to share your story via Twitter or Facebook at #deletetattoo or #whyiDelete.

Just as obtaining a tattoo is a personal decision, removing one is also very personal. This is why we celebrate with every patient, every day. Every tattoo tells a story celebrating hopes, aspirations and sometimes poor judgment. Thus the reasons for having a tattoo removed are as varied as the tattoo itself. You are not alone. Your motivation for removing or even keeping an unwanted tattoo is uniquely you. We often hear sentiments such as:

  • My tattoo represents a bad relationship or bad time in my life.
  • My tattoo is keeping me from getting a new job or promotion.
  • It didn’t turn out as expected.
  • There is a misspelling!
  • I loved it for the first five years, tolerated it the next five years and now I hate it.
  • It’s not me anymore; it’s embarrassing.
  • I want to replace it with a better tattoo.
  • I have problems covering it with my clothes.

Surprisingly, the process of tattoo removal is oftentimes transformational – a personal decision that inspires change and empowers our patients.

#TattooTale: Precious Time

“The story behind this tattoo is now haunting more than a great memory. Two years ago, in Christmas, I decided to skip family time and give a friend a Christmas since her family did not live here. She wanted to go up to Las Vegas, see her ex-boyfriend who just started tattooing. After partying and having a good time, I made the poor decision of getting tattooed in a hotel room. The tattoo I got is that of a melting clock on the back of my arm, because I do not believe that time exists. Well come to happen, this was the last Christmas my grandma, who in my heart is my mom, lived to see. And I was not there. Now I am being haunted with the thoughts, if only I would have not spent time partying or being with friends, or putting strangers first, I could have had more moments. This clock reminds me that we don’t have time, but we have moments, and if I could take it all back and have that last Christmas with my grandma, I would be one less regret, and and less guilt in my heart. The top of the tattoo, are words that are in Spanish, which mean stay humble, a saying my grandma always reminded me of. Unfortunately, it is very visible which now worries me for future jobs.”

#TattooTale: Crossed the Line

“I am twenty two years old. I got this tattoo when I was seventeen at a tattoo shop in Tucson, Arizona that did not require any id. As cool as I thought it was back then, my perspectives have changed. The tattoo is a two inch cross on my lower back. I need this tattoo removed because everyone these days are calling it a tramp stamp. I have began a healthier lifestyle within this past year, of eating better and exercising. So far I have lost forty-five pounds. I love my new body and continue to progress but I am so embarrassed by this tattoo that I still do not feel comfortable in my skin. I am afraid to even bend over to expose this tattoo. To make matters worse, I recently became engaged to a wonderful man. He is very conservative and he and his family are religious and do not approve of tattoos. I want to put this tattoo behind me and move on with my life. I want to feel comfortable in my skin for the first time that I can remember.”

#TattooTale: Drunken Nights

“I want to remove a tattoo I got while drunk and angry. It is on my right hand on my knuckles it quotes “fuck love”. It’s very embarrassing I can’t go to parent teacher conferences the store or anywhere without having to explain the tattoo. I got fired from my job just because of it. I don’t want to keep on looking at it.”

#TattooTale: Shouldn’t Put a Ring on it

“While i love most of my tattoos there is one that is just horrible.I allowed my ex to talk me into getting a ring tattooed onto my finger. He designed the ring tattoo. He got one as well. Three days after getting the tattoo (which looks hideous) he left me for one of his ex’s. It looks so horrible I am constantly worried about people seeing it. I try to hide my hand as much as I can. Even with a ring on over it it can be seen and I’m tired of being embarrassed by my hand. It is such a distraction to me everyday. After two and a half years it still embarrasses me to even see it let alone let anyone else see it. If i could get it removed i would stop worrying so much about people asking me questions about it or seeing people laugh when they look at it. It may not be a very big tattoo but its big enough to get too much attention. I need the peace of mind at knowing it is no longer there.”

#TattooTale: Helping a Friend

“I’m ready to delete my horrible tattoo! This tattoo has been an issue with my self image for a long time. I don’t like going without a shirt, or showing it to anyone. I got this tattoo because a friend of mine was starting to tattoo and wanted to work on his skills. I saw the picture on a CD cover and thought it looked kind of cool. I want to remove my tattoo cause my wife hates it and I am also tired of looking at it. If I get this tattoo removed it will greatly improve my self image and I won’t be so embarrassed to not wear a shirt anymore!”


#TattooTale: Ex Tattoo

“When I was 23 I was madly in love with a guy named Sam. I was so in love with him I thought I would get his name tattooed on my wrist! Dumb, I know. So I worked then in retail and everyone would tell me that what I did was a curse, and so it was it turned out. My parents hate it and have since I got it. I thought I would get a cover up tattoo when I was 26 but it’s real hard to cover up two hearts and Sam. So I now have a now that’s black/purple with Sam written inside of it. My fiancé hates that I have another mans name tattooed on me!! Now I’m a dental assistant and when I reach up to turn the light off or have to take impressions my patients see this horrible tattoo and I have to explain my dumb young and in love story to them. My ultimate goal is to have this tattoo gone!”

#TattooTale: Classic Misguided Mistake

“I was with my ex-boyfriend for 5 years and I went through hell. Basically I would do anything to make him happy (as stupid as I was) and he forced me to get a tattoo on my lower back of what else, but his name. I finally got out of the relationship about 2 years later and am doing a lot better. unfortunately I still have permanent scars, his name on me forever. No matter how far away from me he is, I have to constantly be reminded of how far gone I was to be talked into getting a tattoo for someone who never cared about me in the first place. My life now is so much better, but I can’t even bend over or lift my arms up without my back showing and someone bringing up what it says and then I have to explain and think about him and the whole story along with it. It comes up way more than anyone could ever imagine. I haven’t even felt comfortable enough to date again because I don’t want anyone to see it. I just want it gone.”

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