The 5 Best Ways Delete Helps Your Body Prepare For Summer

In Arizona, it’s already feels like spring. With summer weather just around the corner, some of us are running to the gym in a panic, looking for remedies for clearer skin, and researching ways to rid our bodies of stretch marks and blemishes. We can all agree on the importance of long-lasting solutions that help us feel proud of the skin we’re in! At Delete, we have identified our five best solutions to help you achieve your summer goals before spending your savings on more expensive or alternative options.

1. “I want to have more energy to enjoy summer activities with my friends and family.”

This is a quick fix! Dr. Mundt and Dr. Chung are both licensed, certified naturopathic physicians armed with the latest health trends and resources. Your first step will be dropping in for a Nutrient Infusion; This nutrient rich IV goes directly to your body’s tissue with all the essential vitamins and nutrients needed to keep chugging through the day and playing in the sun. Since our physicians are focused on treating your health inside and out, they’ll recommend a nutrition regimen to keep you energized and renewed, day to day.

2. “I want to physically minimize my stretchmarks and scars.”

Whether you’re a gym-buff who’s been killing it in the fitness arena or a beautiful new mom, it is possible to look your best by the pool and at the beach. A few Gentle 1064 Laser Rejuvenating or Collagen Induction Treatment (CIT) sessions and you’ll visibly see stretch marks and scars disappear. Curious to learn more about CIT, one of our most popular and affordable solutions? Check out our CIT white paper. Set up a no pressure, complimentary consultation with Desiree today.

3. “My tattoo is just not as great as it used to be, I’m kind of embarrassed by it.”

Sometimes age does not do tattoos justice – and that’s okay! Removing your old tattoo completely or fading it just enough to have fresh artwork done by a local tattoo artist is achievable and very popular. After having a complimentary tattoo removal consultation with one of our physicians, you’ll gain a clear picture of the process, expected results and cost of laser tattoo removal. If you want to tips on how to cover up your tattoo in-between sessions, we have experience with that as well.

4. “I’m tired of feeling stubble and dealing with those red ingrown hair bumps.”

Laser Hair Removal is one of our favorite services; Desiree has already helped many men, women, and those in transition remove their unwanted hair in all areas. Check out her treatment videos! Beard bumps and bikini line bumps are truly irritating and often painful – which is why selecting laser hair removal treatments is not just an aesthetic solution, but a medial one as well. Enjoy feeling silky smooth in the summer heat and toss out your razors!

5. “I want my skin to look and feel clear – oh and glow!”

With a variety of services available, you will love to hit “Delete.” Our patient’s favorites include CIT Facial, Gentle 1064 Laser Facial and fractional picosecond Resolve Laser Facial Treatments, to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and improve the appearance of blemishes and acne scars. Facial treatments rebuild collagen, improve texture and even skin tone which reduce the signs of aging.

At Delete, our services help anyone achieve their pre-summer bodies – inside and out. Evaluating where you’re at now and creating a game plan that will propel you where you want to be is what our staff members love doing. We’re in the business of helping patients create life-changing and long-lasting solutions along their journey towards their best selves.

The five solutions listed above can be achieved affordably at the same time with our new Delete Elite Membership program. With three tiers available -Tangerine, Sapphire, and Platinum there is an option for every budget to “Hit Delete.” You can get started today! Reach out to Delete on Facebook or in the salon to start your membership or set up your perfect Delete regimen.



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