The 5 Most Common Tattoo Health Risks

So you’ve picked out a quote or picture that you’re ready to have on your body FOREVER, but have ou considered some of the risks associated with tattoos?

There are risks associated with everything in life, especially with tattoos! An article by researched the five health risks most commonly caused by tattoos, and here they are in all their glory for your consideration:

    • Allergic reactions: you can take all the precautions in the world, but you can never guarantee with 100% certainty how your skin will react to a foreign substance. Tattoo dyes and inks are considered cosmetics and therefore are not FDA approved.
    • Blood borne diseases: dangerous diseases such as hepatitis, tetanus and HIV can be transmitted from unsanitary needles and inking practices. While many tattoo artists take great care to keep their customers safe and keep their needles clean, there are an equal number who don’t.
    • MRI complications: Tattoo pigments disrupt the quality of images during an MRI exam, which doctors commonly use to diagnose problems and complications. Although rare, a tattoo could interfere with an important diagnosis when you need it most!
    • Skin infections: Skin infections are easy to contract from an allergic reaction or improper aftercare. Uncomfortable bacterial infections can arise even with proper aftercare if your body just doesn’t agree with the decision you’ve made!
    • Scar tissues: Using a needle for too long on your skin can cause an overgrowth of scar tissue in the region. As if this unsightly skin damage wasn’t enough, scar tissue is itchy and permanent! Just like your tattoo!

So before you get comfy in that tattoo chair, make sure you’re ready to deal with any and all possible negative side effects, from regretting the ink later on to scarring and infections!



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