The 55th GRAMMYs: A Star-Tatted Affair

Despite CBS releasing a memo asking Grammy stars to tone down the skin show, there was plenty of skin on display. Thankfully, stars ignored the memo, allowing the viewing audience at home to sneak a peak at their favorite tatted stars. 

Here’s a recap of our top 5 tatted stars from last nights Grammys

1. The Star-Tatted affair was all Fun! Nate Ruess teased us with a glimpse of his tattoo, showing how ‘young? at heart he really is!


2. What an opportunity for Ed Sheeran, and his tattoos, to be sharing a Grammy Stage with Elton John.


3. Adam Lavine and his tatts performed an amazing duet with Alicia keys of ‘Daylight? and ‘Girl On Fire.?

adam alicia

4. How about Rihanna’s tatt-errific tribute to Bob Marley with Sting, Ziggy Marley, and Bruno Mars?


5. Chuck D, LL Cool J, Z Trip, Tom Morello, and Travis Barker tore up the final stage with some sick beats in a tatted mash-up of WHADDUP!! 

describe the image

describe the image

All in all, the Grammys turned out to be quite the Star-Tatted Affair. If we were judging based on tattoos alone, the award would have to go to Travis Barker. Travis puts the others to shame, proving it possible to tattoo every square inch of your body and still rock. 



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