The best of USA Today’s ‘Tattoo Tuesday?

usatoday 300x194Throughout 2011, USA Today has been gracing its readers with a weekly feature called ‘Tattoo Tuesday,’ where it has highlighted the ‘best? of reader-submitted tattoos from the previous week. Sadly, the column is nearing its end with the close of 2011.

But fear not! In honor of the column we’re here to share the column’s final entry, which also features links all previous ‘Tattoo Tuesday? articles!

Enjoy perusing the fun, crazy, outrageous, and (sometimes) kooky tattoos we’ve been ogling over for the last year and let us know your thoughts! Have any favorites or have you just straight been shocked by any of these nationally recognized gems?

Our New Year’s resolution is to try to fill the void left by Tattoo Tuesday’s departure by continuing to bring you the best and worst of what we come across into 2012.

Watch this space and make sure you’re following us on Twitter and Facebook so that you don’t miss a beat!



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