The Best Ways To Stay Healthy During Summer Travel

Are you aware of your vacation’s health risks? Summer is travel season. Kids are out of school, young adults have graduated from college, and parents are apt to take time off from work to venture out with their families. What many parents and families experience after coming home from vacation is a cold or some form of a stomach bug.

It is common for travelers to come down with what’s been coined “leisure sickness.” A term crafted by a Dutch psychologist back in 2002 after study a group of 1,900 men and women who did experience flu and cold like symptoms during vacation and weekends. Roughly 3% of the travel population came down with some sort of illness putting a damper on their vacation and travel plans.

“It may be related to a change in habits during the weekend or on holiday, including more or less sleep, coffee or alcohol. Or that during work, your busy jobs direct the brain’s attention away from signals from the body, so when you go to a quiet setting, those signals are suddenly perceived and interpreted as symptoms,” said Vingerhoets in an interview with The Guardian.

So what can you do when your body starts reacting to a virus? We have a few suggestions to combat and prevent “leisure sickness” affects.

Monthly Nutrient Infusions

No one wants to be miserable lounging out on the beach. Monthly Nutrient Infusions are a great way to introduce your body to immune system protecting vitamins that will help you keep in tip top shape. Nutrient infusions are $125 each and if you buy a package of three, you’ll receive the fourth one free.

Daily supplements

Daily supplements are a quick and easy way to keep yourself healthy. At the Delete, we offer a variety of supplements; Elderberry, DHA with lemon, and a Liver Detox supplement. Each of these unique and affordable supplements helps boost your immune system and nourish your body.

Sleep & “Me Time”

Sleep and “me time” are two simple, cost-free ways to keep yourself healthy and prepare for long days in the sun. Our bodies need at least 8 hours of sleep each d every night. Mental health is vitally important too. Give yourself time at least once a week to enjoy alone time to reduce stress.

B12 Boost

Give yourself and loved one a boost just before takeoff! Swing by Delete the day before your flight and take advantage of a B12 Boost. This five minute procedure boost your body’s germ fighting mode. You will be ready to take on the waves the minute you land.

Delete — Tattoo Removal & Laser Salon

Enjoy your summer vacation this year and maintain your body, mind, and wanderlusting soul. Our staff at Delete — Tattoo Removal & Laser Salon is here to help you and your family keep up with one another along the sandy shoals and non-stop flights.




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