The FBI knows what your tat says about you

We live in a world that is getting creepier by the minute. Facebook organizes your friends into lists for you related to where each person lives. You can track your friends using your iPhone and there are unmanned planes flying around our skies. (link to story about this?)

The world is taking things up a notch now with the FBI�s latest development, a technology that allows them to spot criminals or terrorists based on their ink. According to this article from NextGov, the FBI is in talks with local police and public safety agencies to examine technology that explains the symbolism of certain tats.

The article cites the? Wall Street Journal?as saying that the government denied green cards to spouses of permanent U.S. residents this month because their tattoos resembled gang characteristics.

The goal of this technology is to collect a databas

The FBI wants to know what this tattoo means. Criminal? Terrorist? None of the above?

e of suspect tattoos and match them with �potential� criminals or terrorists.

Creepy or helpful? What do you think? Is this infringing on our civil liberties a little too much? Post in the comments section!

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