The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift? Tattoo Removal deletes your Ex!

Do you, or someone you know, have any tattoo regrets?  Is that tattoo of your ex’s name surrounded by winged hearts, roaring dragons or whatever else inspired the amorous tattoo pretty high on that list of tattoo regrets?

Tattoos for that “significant other” are commonly known as a relationship jinx.  You might as well kiss your crush good-bye the minute you memorialize your relationship in ink.  Hope the object of your affection doesn’t interprets your tattoo symbolizing love & devotion as simply obsessive & controlling.  It is a fine line in any relationship – thus the phrase “think before you ink.”

Unfortunately, those ‘special someone? tattoos become irrelevant when the relationship ends. Regret sinks in when ‘love & devotion? tattoos then become sloppy leftovers that you cannot get rid of in current relationship. It’s ok to have a change of heart. Take for instance Kat Von D, who claimed she would ‘never? remove the tattoo of her ex, Jesse James? face…so the saying goes, ‘never say never.’ Quite possibly, Kat’s tattoo doesn’t sit well with her current love interest. Every day at Delete — Tattoo Removal and Laser Salons, we hear stories of tattoos that represent former Valentines and the need to remove all tell tale traces of a past love.

Kat's Tattoo Regret
Generally, one does not think of the consequences surrounding name tattoos in a moment of professing undying love. Luckily, getting a name tattoo no longer has to be for all eternity. You can dump those unwanted tattoos.  It is the perfect solution to the gift you’ve been looking for your Valentine, friend or ? hey, we don’t judge ? even parent: a gift certificate for laser removal. This easy process, though it does require a shrink’s-office-style admitting of wrongdoing on the recipient’s part, couldn’t be easier, and afterwards skin looks like it did before love ever marred its surface. The perfect Valentines Day gift is tattoo removal.  The number one way to “get your or their Ex off your back.”

Let’s just ‘face? it, in this day in age of tattoo removal there’s no reason for anyone to have to live with remnants of an ex. That ex is out and so too should that tattoo. Give the gift of tattoo removal and break it to them easy. Take a page out of HowAboutWe’s book and accompany your gift with a list of better ideas for your giftee’s next romantic gesture. Top on our list?

    1. Profess your love the old-fashioned way. With words. Or chivalrous feats of derring-do (examples include retrieving the Ark of the Covenant or fighting unchained tigers).
    2. Get hickies, not ink. They mark you as someone else’s just as well as a tattoo does, and renewing them is fun. Best part? When the significant other goes, so does the hickie. . 
    3. Henna! Yes, dudes, henna; if you’re determined to make this statement, then give it a trial run in something that disappears on its own. If your passion remains undimmed after, say, two decades, then go ahead and get the real thing.
    4. Fake tattoos. Kids use them to show off their love of dinosaurs, so go ahead and get a good supply demonstrating your love too. If it ends, throw them away.
    5. Photoshop. It doesn’t matter how old you are: there’s nothing wrong with make believe.

    Don’t wait! Purchase a gift certificate today from Delete Tattoo Removal Gift Certificates. Help pave the way for future relationships.

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