The Return of The Uncool Tattoo Contest

There’s nothing more embarrassing than walking into an interview and your potential new boss noticing your old, uncool tattoo.Your tattoo in no way represents who you are as a person anymore and is a relic of your pre-adult self.

Whether you want it gone because you aren’t dating that person who’s name is on your bicep (awkward), that Chinese character doesn’t mean strength (it means “soup”), or you just don’t like it any more . . . we have you covered!

You, like several others, may not be aware of how easy it is  to remove your unwanted tattoo with the technologically advanced Picoway laser, or perhaps you have several uncool tattoos you wish to remove, making full-on tattoo removal a financial hardship. Delete — Tattoo Removal & Laser Salon is all about fresh starts and helping you work towards the opportunities you’ve been reaching for.

We’re proud to announce the return of the Uncool Tattoo Contest, running all summer long. Starting June 15th you can submit your uncool tattoo to us on Facebook, Twitter via @DeleteTattoo, tag us in a photo on Instagram @DeleteTattoo, or email us privately at [email protected]. Tell us a little bit about the tattoo, why you want it removed and provide a photo of the tattoo as it looks today.

Submit your uncool tattoo up until August 15th. The grand prize winner will be announced on August 21st. Here’s the kicker in this contest: Even if you don’t win, you’ll receive free numbing for your tattoo removal treatments just for submitting a photo into the contest. #YAS.

Encourage everyone you know to show their support for your photo with likes, shares and comments. At the end of the month, a panel of judges will select a lucky someone who has generated the most social media activity to have their tattoo removed for free!

Ready to enter the contest? Click here to get started!

Other rules and conditions apply. Please read the Uncool Tattoo Photo Contest disclaimer information here.



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