A Look Back: Are You Ready to Move on From 2014?

Is your tattoo destined for tattoo removal in 2015?  Many of the tattoos we’ve seen here at Delete are ones that no one really thought they’d ever have removed…but as people change, so do their feelings about one or more of their tattoos.  In honor of those moments we look back on 2014 and wonder ‘what was I thinking’?, we present some of Delete’s ‘Worst of 2014? list. Are you ready to move on from your uncool tattoo?


English fashion model, actress, singer, and well-known bacon lover Cara Delevingne took it to the next level by getting “bacon” tattooed on the bottom of her foot (ouch!). She revealed the tattoo to her Instagram followers in September 2014 with the caption ‘It happened…?



 According to Delevingne, bacon CAN be forever




Drake got an emoji tattoo in October 2014. It was revealed when the artist, Dr. Woo, posted a picture of it on his Instagram page.



Do you have an unrecognizable tattoo? Do you even remember what it was in the first place? Let’s just say if your tattoo looks like this, it’s time to start hitting Delete.

Teeth tattoos made their debut in May 2014 (sorry, we can’t remove those).


 Hold your agony, because there’s more.

Last but not least, lets remember 18-year-old Norwegian, Stian Ytterdahl, of Lørenskog, Norway, who in March 2014 was coerced by friends to tattoo a McDonald’s receipt on his right forearm. The dare also spotlighted Norway as one of the most expensive places to indulge in at the Golden Arches, as one cheeseburger ran him 36 Norwegian kroner, or nearly $6.

If that wasn’t enough, Ytterdahl made headlines again after getting the receipt for his original tattoo inked onto his left arm.

Many took initiative and started their tattoo removal in 2014. Amanda Bynes began removal on an angel wing tattoo on her forearm in early 2014, and has started removing a couple more tattoos since then.




Oh Bula! If you recall a blog from earlier this year about textual tattoos and the insurmountable tattoo regret that comes with it, you’ll understand why this transformation speaks to the generations! Here’s another of our own patients who started on their tattoo removal journey with us last year.

Will you be one of the many in 2015 who will decide it’s time to erase the past?

Oftentimes, living in the moment can lead to serious regret and tattoos are no exception. Delete – Tattoo Removal & Laser Salon urges you to think before you ink and live without regret.




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