They just keep getting younger: 10-year-old gets ink

When we were 10, we were still playing with Barbies, trading Pokemon cards, or exploring the great outdoors. A Florida boy had a different experience when his grandfather took him to get the boy’s initials tattooed on his leg.

Jerry Garrisson said it’s tradition for his family to get their initials in ink. He also said he didn’t see the big deal in letting his grandson get a tat. ‘I didn’t see why a tattoo was such a big issue to begin with.?

The Florida Department of Children and Families came to the family’s Jacksonville home with an unrelated concern and took the grandson away when they saw the tattoo.

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– This 10-year-old is a step ahead of the rest.

DCF placed Jerry’s grandkids in foster care. But according to this article from, the legality of the tattoo isn’t up to the DCF. Jerry may have thought he was doing something nice for his grandson, but one thing’s certain: he won’t be winning Grandpa of the Year anytime soon.

Jerry said he isn’t sure how to fix the situation but that it’s ‘the worst pain I have ever felt in my life.?

We have an idea: how about not tatting up your 10-year-old? He’s barely old enough to know what that ink means!



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