They just keep getting younger: 10-year-old gets ink

When we were 10, we were still playing with Barbies, trading Pokemon cards, or exploring the great outdoors. A Florida boy had a different experience when his grandfather took him to get the boy�s initials tattooed on his leg.

Jerry Garrisson said it�s tradition for his family to get their initials in ink. He also said he didn�t see the big deal in letting his grandson get a tat. �I didn�t see why a tattoo was such a big issue to begin with.�

The Florida Department of Children and Families came to the family�s Jacksonville home with an unrelated concern and took the grandson away when they saw the tattoo.

DCF placed Jerry�s grandkids in foster care. But according to this article from, the legality of the tattoo isn�t up to the DCF. Jerry may have thought he was

This 10-year-old is a step ahead of the rest.

doing something nice for his grandson, but one thing�s certain: he won�t be winning Grandpa of the Year anytime soon.

Jerry said he isn�t sure how to fix the situation but that it�s �the worst pain I have ever felt in my life.�

We have an idea: how about not tatting up your 10-year-old? He�s barely old enough to know what that ink means!



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