Thinking of inking? Consider tattoo removal before you ink up

We pride ourselves on providing safe and effective tattoo removal, but what about safe tattoos? Tattoo needle procedure Delete Tattoo

If you’re thinking of adding new ink to your body, you need to go in prepared. This means understanding more than just want you want inked on your skin.

The Washington Post put together a series, ‘Thinking of Inking’?, and it offered some great information for both tattoo novices and veterans alike.

Check out the entire series here.

Some fun facts about tattoos and tattoo needles:

– The oldest known tattoos were black tribal designs found on the “Iceman,” a European mummy estimated to be 5,200 years old

– Tattoo needles can puncture the skin up to 3,000 times per minute

– Tattoo longevity can be affected by sun exposure and aging (so you best consider your tattoo location, or you might be coming to us to help you with your tattoo regret in the future.)

Check out the last tab to see all of your tattoo removal options. While there are alternatives to laser tattoo removal, Delete prides itself on fast, effective tattoo removal without scarring or pain.

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