Today is Tattoosday!

Today, we�re doing something a little bit different. There�s a lot you probably don�t know about tattoos, so we compiled this trivia list for today. Even though we specialize in removing that ink, we couldn�t help but find some of these hilarious.

  • In the 5th century BC, tattoos were used to transmit secret messages across enemy lines.
  • In the early days, urine was sometimes used to mix tattoo color. (Um, gross.)
  • January 11th is tattoo pride day.
  • The world�s most tattooed person is Tom Leppard of Scotland. He has 99% of his body inked with leopard print design. We�re sure that thanks to his tats there�s no doubt on how to pronounce his last name.
  • George C. Reiger, Jr. of the good ol� US of A has nearly 2,000 Disney characters on his body. They include all of the 101 Dalmatians and Mickey can be seen 100 times. Go ahead � call him Disney�s biggest fan.

George C. Reiger, Jr., and his Disney obsession. Dude....

We hope you enjoyed today�s special post, and may you have a fantastically pain-free, inkless Tattoosday!

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