Truly Horrible Holiday Tattoos

At Delete Tattoo Removal & Laser Salon, we absolutely LOVE the holidays. We also love a great tattoo, or in our patients cases, a great tattoo removal! Out of all the interesting tattoos we have seen over the years, no tattoo can be as terrible as a holiday tattoo. While some may be excellent artistry , they still have a lasting impression on those who come in contact with them.

Holiday tattoos tend to be a little rare by how many people actually have this form of memorabilia tattooed. However, there is no stopping the horrifyingly horrible holiday tattoos that seem to be floating around in the world. Delete Tattoo has compiled ten of the worst holiday tattoos we’ve seen that are definitely worthy of hitting delete.


Toys for Tots is a great charity and always has great success over the holidays. Despite whatever good intentions this fellow may have had, it’s brought some creepiness into the charity’s image. Let’s hope that this youth advocate hits Delete really soon!


Season’s greetings from…? This holiday tattoo definitely takes the cake for the term “horrifying!” We’re not exactly sure what was going through this holly jolly person’s mind when they said “yes” to this tattoo!We’re somewhat certain they’re a little bit of a Grinch!


The realism of this Grinch tattoo is great, but takes the silly out of who the character really is! We hope whoever chose to don this tattoo isn’t truly grinchy themselves and decides to re-think their holiday cheermeister dedication!


Our marketing assistant loves a great Yoda tattoo as much as the next resident nerd, but this spirited dedication to the Star Wars franchise seems a little off kilter. Sorry Santa Yoda, this tattoo just isn’t kosher! Time for a tattoo fade maybe?


Speaking of kosher, we can’t forget some of the very non-kosher Hanukkah tattoos. Below we see a very dedicated member of the Jewish religion with a menorah tattoo. Sounds harmless right? Wrong, so wrong! This particular menorah is shown roasting a very plump pig. While the pig  is kosher, we think this tattoo isn’t!


?Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color’? Typically this is what we think of anytime anyone brings up the film Elf. Not anymore! Check out this Buddy the Elf tattoo and all that is for the love of Christmas with little Will Ferrell. Our Christmas wish for this tattooed patron is a little tattoo removal in their very near future!


What’s the most iconic Christmas film you can think of? If you said Christmas Vacation, you’re correct! As possibly the most iconic Christmas movie of all time we are not surprised to see this scary rendition of Clark Griswold make our list!


Yet another Iconic holiday movie is A Christmas Story. Remember, as a child sitting down to watch the glories of Christmas in the 1950?s and that Red Rider BB gun? Here’s to a trip down memory lane! May all your Christmases be merry and scary!





nightmare-before-christmas-tattoosThe Nightmare before Christmas is a popular theme within the tattoo world, and we’ve seen plenty of excellent artwork. This poor Jack needs a little TLC and an expert hand to address the concept of ‘What’s this’? Seriously, what is this? Let’s remember that friends don’t let friends get horrible holiday tattoos!

evil_santaLast but not least, we have a classic Santa tattoo.  Typically within our society we envision Santa being holly, jolly, merry, and a generally very happy looking fellow. However, there are the rare forms of Santa such as this evil elfish Santa. Not too sure what this artist was thinking and the poor tattooed soul who thought an evil Santa would be a great idea.

Have any more seriously horrifying holiday tattoos to share? Post your favorite on our Facebook wall! We love a terrible tattoo!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from all of us at Delete – Tattoo Removal & Laser Salon!



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