Try Your Tattoo on Before Making it Permanent

Most of us will not go into a clothing store and purchase a pair of pants without trying them on. Why should your tattoo be any different? Visible tattoos can have a lasting impression on many aspects of a person’s life. Yet, the consequences of a permanent tattoo are often neglected. Some tattoo artists are taking the upper hand and refusing to tattoo individuals on their face, neck, and hands.

According to Tattoo Power manager Jen Cashmore, “Generally people start off getting tattoos that are hidden under a shirt then they progress to sleeves or full leg pieces, but of late over the past six to 12 months, there’s been an increase in younger generations coming in and wanting visible tattoos.’ In this particular case the artists at this tattoo shop use their own discretion to decide if they will tattoo someone on the face, neck.


Temporary Tattoos for Adults

If you are considering getting a visible tattoo, Delete’Tattoo Removal & Laser Salon strongly advocates a ‘try it before you buy it’ mentality! Wear it around for a while, and then decide! Temporary tattoos sometimes get a bad rap. When you think about a temporary tattoo you are probably remembering those ridiculous Lisa Frank ponies and rainbows. This is awesome if you are a six-year-old schoolgirl. However, There are several ways to try out a tattoo your dying to get. Yes, some of them silly, but there are some classier temporary tattoos available.k, or hands. “It’s a matter of personal preference, but when it comes to the tattooist it’s a matter of whether they’re willing to do it or not. And some of them at our business are,” said Jen Cashmore.

Pepperink for example has modern and vintage tattoos to choose from. These temporary tattoos are an excellent choice for all future hipsters! The great thing about Pepperink is that you can customize a temporary tattoo. This is so convenient why wouldn’t you try it out?

PaperinkAnd if you really want that tattoo on your face, neck, or fingers try out Petite Alma! This is a perfect way to try on a tattoo without the commitment.

Once you’ve tried your tattoo on, maybe your tattoo artist will be more convinced temp_tattoosto give it to you’assuming you still really want it. If you have already committed, then you are in luck because you can return it at Delete’Tattoo Removal & Laser Salon! We offer free consultations for your laser tattoo removal and will have you comfortable in your own skin in no time!





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