U.S. swimmers tat on their love for the Olympic games

We’ll admit. We’ve been glued to our TVs watching every Olympic event we can. It’s super exciting watching the world’s BEST athletes compete!


– He’ll remember the Olympics forever!

The Olympics show us the best of the best, right? We settle in with a bowl of popcorn to watch the world’s most amazing and jaw-dropping athletes. U.S. Swimmers tend to hold even more prestige because only two athletes qualify for every event.

The latest craze among swimmers? Tattoos.  Missy Franklin, a 17-year-old swimmer, ended up getting the interlocking rings inked on her hip. Tattoos are sometimes associated with crime ? or at least, not with prestige. But Olympic swimmers are seeking to turn that stereotype around by showing how much it means to them.

This article from Bend Bulletin says that Franklin was in kindergarten when she drew a picture of a stick figure standing atop an awards podium beneath the Olympic rings. ‘That’s the only tattoo I would ever get,’ she assured her parents.



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