Upgrading the body’s professionalism: Top Tattoo Removal Trends

As ink-lovers decide they’d rather look professional than ‘awesome,’ trends are rising to scrub tats from various visible body parts like wrists, necks and ankles.

The Patient’s Guide reports that tattoo removal climbed 32 percent between 2011 and 2012. Wanting to look professional in today’s tough job market topped the list of reasons; as it turns out, tribal tattoos and Kermit the Frog faces just aren’t getting the job done.

So -whether you’re thinking of getting a new tattoo or getting one removed, ponder carefully where on your body you want it and what the repercussions might be. Otherwise laser tattoo removal may be in your near future.

Need help? Consider these popular body parts recieving tattoo removal:



An especially tough place to hide, neck tattoos are often cited as no-nos in employee handbooks. They’ve certainly been ruled against in the Army’s new regulations, according to the Army Times. Fortunately, neck tattoos are easier to remove than other locations.


The Army also explicitly ruled against sleeve tattoos. For a profession so commonly associated with body art in the last century, this goes to show how unprofessional many people still consider tats.


This is a difficult place, since often even long sleeves won’t cover ink here. When a boss gets tough on wrist art, the tough often get going ? to the nearest laser tattoo removal center.

Lower Backs

Lower back tattoos are often labeled ‘tramp stamps,’ so there’s not a lot that needs to be added by way of explanation. Even though this area commonly isn’t visible at work, you may not want anyone ? family, coworkers, whoever ? seeing it in an environment where you do let your hair down.


Having a tatted-up ankle can really hamper what you can wear to a corporate environment like a bank or doctor’s office. Even pantyhose won’t cover a tattoo, often limiting outfits to pants no matter what the season.

Doing what you can to stay professional may involve covering upKermitShindig650 resized 600 or even removing a tattoo, but if you think carefully about location before inking, you could avoid this decision altogether.  Think before you ink…A number of factors affect laser tattoo removal.  Location, depth of ink, amount of ink and your overall health impact how fast we can remove your tattoo. Do your homework before and after your tattoo.  It is more than just picking out your art! And yes, Kermit is our favorite muppet.  He just didn’t fit in at work! Tattoo Removal works but it is a commitment. Consultations are always free!  Contact Delete — Tattoo Removal Experts when its time to learn more. We are committed to meeting all of your tattoo removal needs at Delete Tattoo Removal!

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