Walking in a (Hairless) Winter Wonderland

Invest in Laser Hair Removal This Winter

Scarf and boot weather is upon us. As you dream of cozying up under layers in blankets and stashing your bikini away for the season, the furthest thing from your mind is how to show off your silky smooth skin. Are you feeling a little furry?

Even though your instincts are telling you to not worry about hair removal until the weather warms up again, you should think – and plan – differently!

We’ll let you in on a little secret: fall and winter seasons are the optimal times to invest in laser hair removal.

Why? For starters, laser hair removal should be done at a time when you can minimize your exposure to the sun for several weeks after each treatment. By opting to remove your unwanted hair in the winter, you don’t have to worry about saying no to a pool Saturday or a summer beach weekend.

Most laser hair removal treatments take multiple sessions. In between treatments, you will see some hair regrow – although it will appear thinner and lighter each time. This means a winter treatment plan will hide the in-between-treatment re-growth behind long sleeves, jeans and boots.

Another plus: Do you see that pasty white skin you work so hard to cover up during the winter? It will work to your advantage when it comes to laser hair removal, simply because the laser targets pigment, making non-tanned skin a more effective canvas for the laser to work its magic.

At Delete® – Tattoo Removal & Laser Salon, we use the safest and most technologically advanced hair removal laser on the market — GentleMAX Pro Laser System by Candela. We recommend starting with an initial consultation to discuss the areas where you would like to remove unwanted hair.

Our laser technician, Desiree, will discuss the removal process and safety benefits of Delete’s treatments. We will also go over how long it will take to reduce your unwanted hair, our Delete guarantee, maintenance programs and the end results you can expect!

Welcome, winter! As you relish in cool, crisp days, be sure you take a moment and reflect on how you want to feel when the weather begins to heat up– most importantly, how you want your skin to look and feel. Contact us today and schedule your first treatment before the opportunity melts away!



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