Want to be edgy but not lose your job? Try these designer temporary tattoos

After a recent perusing of the web for tattoo-related news, we here at Delete came upon a new fashion trend taking the Internet by storm: Tattly Temporary Tattoos. Remember those little square ones you got from the doctor�s office or the mall and couldn�t wait to stick on to your skin when you got home?

Well, think of Tattly as the older, hipper and wealthier cousin of those. Tina Roth Eisenberg came up with the idea when she realized just how terrible the previous selection of temporary tats was. Tattly�s website features an impressive line-up of 150 customized tattoos, all designed by pro illustrators.

A set of two will cost you $5, while you can buy �packages� of related designs for anywhere in the $15 to $35 range. Take a gander at Tattly�s website here and we promise you�ll be tempted to buy one of these colorful, artsy tattoos.

Eisenberg began her Internet branding as a fashion blogger, and now Tattly provides a success story about the benefits of putting creativity on the Web and connecting it to millions of trend-hungry users.

In the words of Eisenberg, �Life is too short to drink cheap wine or have bad temporary tattoos.�

What do you think of Tattly�s designs? Which one is your favorite?



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