Why Having Your Tattoo Removed Now Is the Best Idea Ever

Sailors, Armed Forces members, teenagers and convicts were the main tattoo patrons of the past. The 1950s hit and tattoos were no longer looked down upon and a new era of tattooing would come to fruition. Today, tattoos are incredibly trendy with celebrities like David Beckham and Jennifer Lawrence being some of those in the spotlight in the modern history of tattoos.

The Time is Now

During our own tattoo history at Delete, we’ve seen them all. From tattoos done on a whim to drunken nights filled with terrible tattoos. More than 55% of those with tattoos these days regret at least one tattoo. Several surveys have revealed a staggering number of people who not only regret their decision, but have had a tattoo removed within the past five years.\

At the height of laser tattoo removal, there’s no better time than now to have your tattoo removed. Why? There’s no judgement for having a tattoo removed, FDA approved laser technology is at its best, and with Delete Tattoo, we can comfortably and safely remove your tattoo. We’ve helped a variety of people – from artists, parents, and grandparents, to armed service members, and so many others! Still trying to think of a solid reason to have that unwanted tattoo removed? Well, we have a few from our past patients, listed below:

  1. Your “forever love” wasn’t forever. Now you’re in a new relationship and getting married – Time to hit Delete!
  2. You were a punk rock kid in your younger years, and now that you have kids of your own you don’t want them making the same mistakes you did – Say goodbye to the skulls on your hands!
  3. You’re just not into that half naked woman on your bicep and would prefer for your new boss to never see it. EVER.
  4. Your flower child days are done and so, the tattoo must go!
  5. You’re profession requires a clean and clear skin aesthetic – maybe like Tatum when she was a part of the Phoenix Suns!
  6. You’re just a different person and your tattoos are your next step in a fresh start.
  7. You’re covered in tattoos that may have been done 10-15 years ago. Now, older and wiser, you want them gone so you can make room for better ink.

Treatment Options

These are just a few among hundreds of reasons why some of our patients hit delete. So, how long does it take to remove a tattoo? It depends how many layers thick your tattoo is and which laser you choose to remove your tattoo with. Our PicoWay and AlexELETE Laser treatment options fit every budget, and removes tattoos of every color on every skin type.

Life’s short. You can’t waste years regretting a tattoo that you had inked years ago. If you’re convinced your tattoo isn’t doing you any good, now is the time to have it removed! Stop by the salon for a free consultation with Dr. Mundt and Dr. Chung Monday through Saturday. Click here for a free consultation, or call our front desk at 602-343-6355 – the sooner you do, the sooner you can begin anew. 



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