With The Wave of Our Magic Wand – Candace Eastman’s Hair is Gone!

Laser hair removal isn’t powered by magic. But at Delete, we don’t see why it shouldn’t feel that way! We sat down with our patient, Candace Eastman, to talk about her hair removal journey, and what you should expect for yours.

Candace said she had confidence in her decision to try laser hair removal at Delete because of her husband’s tattoo removal experience.

She says, “shaving is just such a pain…people don’t like to shave, and people don’t like being hairy – so I’m glad laser hair removal is around.”

Laser hair removal works by using heat rays to deactivate the hair follicles over time. It takes multiple treatments and you have to space them out! If you don’t – you will have less than satisfactory results or even adverse effects.

“I’m really happy with the results, I’m noticing improvement – the hair isn’t growing back!” Candace said she didn’t expect it to start working so quickly, and as for the pain, Candace said “It doesn’t bother me, and I don’t have a high pain tolerance at all.” The laser is fairly comfortable by itself. Delete uses the GentleMax Pro – a hair removal laser that sends out a burst of cool air with every zap. This helps to reduce the pain. Delete also offers numbing cream for those really sensitive areas!

Candace says the best part of laser hair removal treatment is looking forward to no razor burn, bumps, or nicks. She’s also says it’s going to make getting in shape for swimsuit season that much easier.

“I think Desiree is wonderful. It is a sensitive thing have done with someone that you don’t know. I am so comfortable with her!”



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